Niki began her career journey after college as a Recreation Specialist. Niki describes it as a wonderful job and where she fell in love with the older generation. After a few years of gaining knowledge and experience, Niki went back to school to become a special education teacher. She worked for seven years in a high school special education program for students with developmental and cognitive disabilities. Niki explains, “I met amazing people and learned a lot about patience, compassion, empathy and resolve.”

While Niki loved her role in special education, the nursing home was never far from her mind. “I kept thinking back to my days at the nursing home and how much I loved being around older people. I loved listening to their stories and hearing about where they came from and what they had done in life.” Her mind had been made up that she would get back into the field and nursing school seemed like the best way to accomplish that. “Best decision I ever made!” Niki elaborated, “I think my years as a Recreation Specialist and a special education teacher gave me a unique experience and opportunities that have helped me be a better Nurse than I would have been without that journey.”

“What I love about nursing in the field of Residential Care and Home Care is the relationships with not only the Resident/Client, but the relationship with his/her family and the connection to his/her own environment. I think being in a comfortable and more natural environment such as a residential home with English Rose Suites or a personal home in the case of Home Care is when we really get to know and understand the total, whole person for whom we are caring for. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to play a role in the lives of our Resident’s and Clients and provide them with the care and support they need and deserve.”